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Cooley & Company

The Gift That

Keeps on Giving

You can get up-to-date information by following us on Facebook at “Cooley & Company” and feel free to call, email, or leave a message by completing the inquiry form on this page.

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Who We Are

Cooley & Company was created by potter Cooley Buy as a way to showcase beautiful, handcrafted items made by local artists as well as her own pottery. Her vision started with the renovation of an old dairy barn in her family for nearly 100 years. “Build it; they will come” has been the motto since day one. Artist and master craftsman coming together under one roof to offer people a unique shopping experience and the opportunity to support each other and the community.

The barn is located in picturesque and historic Granville, Massachusetts at the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. It is an easy day trip for people looking to step back into small town New England way of living with a rich history of artists and master crafters.

Our Location

Granville is located less than an hour from Hartford, Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts. The town of Granville is also a wonderful destination trip with opportunities to visit other town treasures including:

Additionally, we have a quirky, renovated cow barn overlooking hayfields and corn—as well as a water wheel built in 1976 by Ralph Hiers, Cooley’s grandfather—that will take visitors and passersby on a trip down memory lane.

Granville State Forest

Prospect Mountain Camping

2020 Barn Renovation

About the Owner

Cooley Buy took her first pottery class with the idea that it would be fun to try pottery, having no idea that she would fall in love that very first night. “It is corny to say but a sort of electricity coursed through me the first time I touched a lump of un-centered clay spinning on a wheel. In a beat of my heart I knew I was meant to be a potter, I guess you can say I heard the calling.”

Classes, workshops, mentorship, and thousands of hours sitting at a wheel practicing fueled her love of all things clay. She opened her first studio in 2009, offering classes and studio space. Her second studio opened in 2015 allowing Cooley to become a full-time porter in 2017. Teaching two classes per week grew to five with her pottery work on sale in area businesses and local farmers markets.

In the fall of 2019, the opportunity to rent a small retail space presented itself. The success of that shop turned into the seed of what today is Cooley & Company.

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